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Enable your people to do the work they were hired to do. 
The time has come for the wasteful practice of hardcopy forms to be replaced by a more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sustainable solution, which will increase an organisation’s effectiveness, productivity and profitability.

  1. Platforms
    The app will run on all of the currently popular device platforms: - Apple iOS - iPhone and iPad - Android - Windows Mobile
  2. Consulting
    We will consult with you and your staff to ensure that all of your forms are ported across with no loss of functionality. We will also discuss additional functionality you may like to use in your new app based forms.
  3. Data Transfer
    Your form data can be transferred in a variety of ways: - Email - FTP - REST APIs
  4. Integration
    The app integrates, as both a data source and data repository, with Dropbox, Google Spreadsheet, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint , Box, Amazon Web Services S3, GeoOp and Twilio.
  5. Agile Development
    The modular nature of Appendable Solutions app means that development, changes and enhancements can be made rapidly and fluidly. This ensures your forms are ready quickly and constantly kept up to date.
  6. Support and Upgrades
    Appendable Solutions provides full product support and regular platform upgrades. Our rapid response and agile functionality ensures that issues are addressed quickly with a minimum of interruption to your business as usual
  7. "Own" the platform
    Store and maintain your source data. Brand the app with your own logo, colour scheme and icons. The Appendable Solutions app is fully customisable to meet your company requirements
  8. Database Integration
    The App can be integrated with your SQL or Oracle database, as both a data source and record update process. Updated records can then trigger workflow actions within your host database. Suddenly your existing solution has an app interface without the need for expensive development.
  9. Functionality Without Connectivity
    The App works as an ESF (Electronic Store & Forward) system. A user can submit designated information even if the device is not currently connected to the internet. The data is stored and uploaded as soon as internet connectivity is re-established