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Enable your people to do the work they were hired to do. 
The time has come for the wasteful practice of hardcopy forms to be replaced by a more efficient, cost effective, environmentally sustainable solution, which will increase an organisation’s effectiveness, productivity and profitability.

  1. Q
    Can the app be personalised for my company?
    Not only can all of your existing forms be transposed and enhanced in the App, we can also brand the resulting app and forms with your company logos and colour scheme, giving you full "ownership" of the solution
  2. Q
    How secure is my data?
    Very. We only use the best most respected Australian data centres to host the solution. You can be sure that your data is safe, secure and always accessible. Additionally, all app users are issued with their own log in which regulates what data they see, based on your own specifications.
  3. Q
    What sort of enhancements can be given to our forms?
    Utilising functionality available in all mobile devises, your old forms can be given the additional features of: - Drop down selection lists sourcing your own data - Data entry validation - Photo, video, barcode reader and GPS location capture and more
  4. Q
    Do I need to provide my staff with hardware?
    No, the app works as a BYOD (bring your own device) solution, which means that your staff can download the app onto their own mobile phone or tablet. It supports IOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, which pretty much covers all of the popular platforms being used at the moment.
  5. Q
    What is the "pricing structure" of the app?
    Pricing for the app works on a per user per year basis (per month can also be negotiated). In some cases there may be an initial development charge based on the complexity of the require solution. As every organisation's requirement varies, we'd recommend you contact us with yours, so that we can come back to you with a price.
  6. Q
    Can the app integrate directly with my existing database?
    The app uses comprehensive and straightforward API REST connectors which allow your developers to leverage their existing skills and rapidly connect the platform to your databases and interfaces. You can pull data into the platform using a Data Source Connector, while you can push data to another system using a Form Connector.
  7. Q
    Will the app still work if there's no internet connectivity?
    It certainly will. The app is designed to periodically upload your data sources to your device, so that data integrity is maintained. In addition to this, the user can complete as many forms as they like outside of connectivity range. The data is stored on the device and automatically synchronised and uploaded as soon as connectivity is re-established.
  8. Q
    Can I try the app before I decide whether it's for me?
    Absolutely. We will supply you with a free 30 day trial of some of our more popular existing forms so that you get an idea of look and feel. These forms will all function as if they were fully operational field apps, emailing content results back to you on completion. Send a request on our "Contact" page and get a trial pack today.